Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall

This orphaned cute kangaroo loves tucking into his tasty banana treats.

Sirbastion the albino kangaroo was found in hid dead mother’s pouch and weighed just 800 grams when he first came into GG Wildlife Rescue Inc. 

Michelle Jones caught this sweet moment on film when she went over to give him a snack.

Five-year-old Sirbastion has been living at the rescue centre for nearly all of his life because of his albinism.

PIC FROM GG Wildlife Rescue Inc / Caters News

Michelle says that he can’t be released back into the wild because he lacks the natural camouflage and would not fit in.

The forty-one-year-old board member said: “Sirbastion has been with me for nearly five years; he came in as an orphan joey and weighed only 800 grams.

“He was found in his dead mums pouch and because he has albinism he cannot be released back into the bush as he lacks the natural camouflage colours and would not fit in sadly.

PIC FROM GG Wildlife Rescue Inc / Caters News

“This video was taken on Monday the 6th of February at the GG Wildlife Rescue Inc. in Mount Hill Western Australia Sirbastion is a beautiful natured Roo who loves to snore.

“He loves his muesli, his cuddles and if he can get it he will steal one of the younger joeys milk bottles in the morning and drink it like he was young again – we don’t mind. 

“He is very attached to me and the blind kangaroo Ali who is 10 years old and shares his huge home. I love watching them eat, especially when they are enjoying a treat like the banana.

“GG Wildlife Rescue Inc. was founded in 2012 with the idea to help fund a 24 hour wildlife rescue & rehabilitation, this includes all reptiles and birds

“We do our rescues for the love of the animals & the satisfaction in helping them:  Rescue, Rehabilitate & Release is the goal.”