Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This adorable footage shows a tiny two-week-old puppy taking her first cautious steps in the big world. 

Rachel Deihl’s two-week-old Shiba Inu puppy has only just learnt how to walk, and this footage shows her first steps.


Puppy Chidobe can be seen carefully putting pressure onto her paws, but still only gliding along the floor with her paws still bent.

Ensuring that she doesn’t hurt herself, Chidobe makes sure she is close to the ground and not taking her full weight just yet.

Rachel shot this incredible footage in her living room in New York, United States.


Rachel said: “It typically takes about three-weeks for them to walk, as at two-weeks-old they have their eyes open.

“I own the puppies father, but not the mother, but currently I am caring for the mother and pups as I have better knowledge when it comes to breeding and aftercare.

“I breed Shiba Inus and these ones were born in my home with me, by the mum’s side, and I’ve been caring for them and will continue to until they are eight-weeks-old and will go to their forever homes.”