Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

This DIY power-mop has put a new spin on how you tackle your cleaning.

With a drill attached to turn the mop and a ring spanner to hold it in place – the mopping machine was created.

Aiden Barnes from Doncaster was the genius behind this creation and says he came up with it when he and his co-workers were having a quiet day at work.

The twenty-two-year-old vehicle master technician from Doncaster says that the mop was so effective that by the end of his shift, they had cleaned so much that there was nothing left on the end of the mop.

Aiden said: “It was coming towards the end of the day and we were worked up, so asked the boss what we had left to do and he said nothing so we just had to: clean the bays, mop up and empty the bins.

“Because I don’t like mopping up I was thinking of an idea where it would be quicker to do so.

“Me and my work colleague thought we would attach a battery powered impact wrench to the end of the mop and use it as a mopping machine, the first attempt didn’t work well because the only thing we could hold was the impact wrench and it wasn’t very accurate.

“So I decided to get a ring spanner and slide it down the mop handle so we could use this as the new handle and away we went. Ended up cleaning the workshop until there was nothing left on the end of the mop.

“People mostly reacted with laughter and were amazed at the idea.”