Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This incredible footage shows the extreme lengths one rescuer went to in order to save a cat that was stuck 70 FEET HIGH in a tree for SEVEN DAYS.

One week after the unnamed kitty fled from its owners’ home, having been chased by a dog, rescuer Bob Reese was called to the scene, where he was faced with a number of difficulties.

The biggest issue, Bob said, was that the cat was at the very end of a 15-foot limb, which started 65 feet high and was angled up; trying to net the feline in such a position could startle the animal, causing it to jump.

Pic by MS Cat Tree Rescue / Caters

For the January 30 rescue, near Laurel, Mississippi, USA, Bob decided that his best bet was to lure the cat closer to the trunk of the tree.

Using an extendable pole and wet tuna cat food, Bob, 59, capturing everything on head-cam footage, managed to lure the cat nearer towards him.

As the frightened but hungry feline moved closer, experienced rescuer Bob then took out laundry bag and “scruffed” the cat.

The animal was then returned to its owners, whose adult daughter had rescued the cat from a bad situation a few weeks prior; the family then agreed to take care of it, following their daughter’s rescue.

Pic by MS Cat Tree Rescue / Caters

Bob, of MS Cat Tree Rescue, said: “I have a long handled net that possibly could have reached that far, but it would been very risky to try to net the cat – most cats panic when they see a net, and fall or jump before you get the net to them. 

“My best chance was to try to lure the cat back to the trunk with food.

“After a couple of minutes, the cat smelled the food, meowed loudly, and began carefully walking down the limb towards the food. 

“I lured the cat all the way back to the trunk.

“While the kitty was eating the foot, I got out a laundry bag, scruffed the cat, and put her in the bag.

“The tree was in the owner’s yard, so the kitty was immediately returned to the owners.”