By Jamie Smith

These brave skiers look like tiny spots on the landscape as they take on a huge mountain in Antarctica.

The incredible shots, which are going viral after recently appearing online, show daredevil skiers and snowboarders taking on perilous snowy mountains in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News 

They look like tiny dots amongst the blankets of snow as they fearlessly make their way down the steep terrain.

Photographer, Tero Repo, took the incredible pictures from a boat out at sea and said one false move could be fatal, as it takes rescuers days to reach the remote spot.

The 39-year-old said: “I wanted to go and shoot some snowboarding and skiing as I had seen some photos of the amazing mountains over there.

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News

“I really tried to capture the Antarctica feeling. Sea, ice, snow and the wilderness mixed with snowboarding and skiing.

“Professional snowboarders and skiers are riding a terrain that is unseen. No mistakes are allowed as a rescue can take days.

“Antarctica is such an exotic destinations and you have to respect the nature over there. You also have to sail across the Drake Passage.

“For us it took five days to get there from the Falkland Islands in our steel sailing boat.”