Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A dog thinks he’s a musical genius – as he can be seen trying to sing along to its owner’s piano playing.

Abigail LaFleur-Shaffer has captured the hilarious moment that her two-year-old Husky, Kuma, decided to attempt to sing along to the piano.

Kuma can be heard trying to sing along to ‘Come Away With Me’ by Norah Jones, but his howls are very out of tune!

Abigail, from Denver, Colorado, said: “Kuma often sings along to the piano, especially when he wants my attention.

“On this day, his singing went on until I stopped playing piano – he will sing along with the piano, guitar, radio and even when there is no music playing.

“I have been playing the piano for 20-years now, but I’ve had Kuma since he was two-months old.

“Kuma cracks me up, he has such a big personality and he is always surprising me – he’s a lot of fun and makes me laugh.”