Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the stomach-churning moment a massive python was captured devouring a deer at a national park in Sri Lanka.

The video was recorded on a mobile camera by enthusiastic tourists who witnessed the scene at Bundala National Park in Hambantota on January 29.

The python, believed to be 14-foot-long, coiled itself around the deer as it gradually swallowed the animal in less than an hour.

The forest officials, however, believe the python has swallowed more than it needed and would not eat for months.


P.A. Muthukumara, Bundala forest officer, said: “The pythons normally throw up when it senses people seeing it devouring an animal.

“But looks like it was very hungry and despite the disturbance it swallowed the whole animal.

“It did not require that whole deer and now that it has eaten more than required, it will not to eat for months.”

The video shows the moment the mighty python tightly gripping itself around the deer as it struggles to get out of the trap.