Animals Video

By Kim Reader

This camouflage canine has learnt a new trick, blending in perfectly with his owners’ living room rug so the couple always trip over their invisible pooch.

As soon as Harley Edmonds, 21, and Matthew Young, 23, brought home a slate grey deep-pile rug last year to give their living room a cosier feel they realised they were going to have a problem.


The couple’s two-year-old Borkie, Marley, has fur exactly the same texture and colour as the plush carpet – and the pup quickly decided the rug was his new favourite place to snuggle up.

Now Harley and Matthew constantly have to creep across their living room so they don’t step on or trip over the dog.

Homeowner Harley, who works purchasing stocks, even admitted that she often panics that Marley has somehow gone missing only to find him curled up in a corner of the carpet.

Harley, of Swinton, Greater Manchester, said: “We moved into the house nearly a year ago and the first thing we did was go out to buy a big fluffy rug from Ikea to make the living room cosier – and that’s when the dog went missing.

“Marley’s fur and the rug are exactly the same, when he’s on it he is completely camouflaged and to make matter’s worse it is his favourite place to be. He’s permanently attached to it.

“There will be times when I’m sat on the couch watching TV and then I panic and ask Matthew ‘where’s Marley?’.

“We’ll go and hunt for him around the house and upstairs and then realise he was actually sat on the rug the whole time.


“We’re always tripping over him and when you’re crossing the room you need to be so careful. Marley is tiny and the rug is huge so he could be anywhere on there.

“The amount of times I’ve accidentally stepped on his paw or tail because I just haven’t seen him is awful. He lets out this little yelp and I’m completely mortified, I feel so bad.

“It used to be the worst at bedtime because the light switch and the stairs are on opposite sides of the room so that causes a bit of a problem.


“You’d have to feel your way across the rug in the dark to make sure you didn’t stand on Marley.

“Now we wait until we’ve heard his little paws trotting up the stairs so we know we can safely cross the room.

“He’s such a clever dog and he can do so many tricks. He can sit, roll over, stand in the air waving his paws but turning invisible is definitely his best trick.”

After one of her friend’s snapped a photo of Marley’s vanishing act, Harley decided to make it the wallpaper on her phone – but says people always ask why she’s got a picture of a rug as her display.


The £150 Ikea rug is not only a perfect addition to their home décor and a snug place for Marley to snooze but also provides Harley and Matthew with a constant source of entertainment.

One sure-fire way to find Marley even when he’s camouflaged is spotting Harley and Matthew’s eight-month-old Rottweiler pup Axel who can’t get enough of his furry friend and regularly joins him for a cuddle.

Harley said: “I’ll never forget how much the rug cost. I’d just bought my first home so I didn’t really know how much these things cost. When I saw the price tag I remember thinking ‘wow, this is going to be fun’.

“But it’s so worth it for a nice big fluffy rug, it’s a big feature in the room and in our lives. Hunting around for Marley on it makes us laugh so much.

“The best way to know where Marley is is to look for Axel because he’s nearly always lying on top of him. They love each other so much.

“I have a picture of Marley on the rug as the wallpaper on my phone and people are always asking ‘what is that?’ and I have to explain it’s of my dog not just of my rug. Everyone finds it hilarious.”


When Harley first got Marley, who is a mix of bichon frise and Yorkshire terrier, he was just eight weeks old and fit into the palm of her hand.

After moving in with Matthew, who works for an office supplier, Harley admits she was a bit sad about having to share Marley so last year she bought her boyfriend Axel as a gift.

Now Matthew who used to judge Harley for constantly buying Marley presents is just as obsessed with Axel and the pampered pooches live a life of luxury.

Harley said: “I am absolutely obsessed with Marley. When I first got him he was miniature, I just used to look at him and think ‘how is that my child?’. I felt so lucky – and still do.

“People come back into work every Monday and talk about how they went out at the weekend and I’m like ‘yeah, I chilled with my dog’.


“Marley has the best personality. He is so loving and he’s like a mind reader, he always knows when I’m sad and when I’m happy. He ticks every single box as a dog.

“I got Axel for Matthew last year and now he is just as obsessed with Axel. I was like ‘yes, now I can have Marley all to myself again’. But we both love them both so much.

“Whenever I go out shopping I have to buy something for Marley. I used to come home and Matthew would ask ‘what have you got him today?’ but now he’s exactly the same.

“And if he wants to buy a present for Axel then we definitely need to buy something for Marley as well so it’s fair.”