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By Charlotte Regen 

Beware this combat corgi – he has it’s very own military training.

Ein, a one-year-old corgi, is able to sneak up to a target with his Air Force Captain mum and stealthily pounce on it.

In a cute video shot by owner Alexandra Tibbs, he creeps up the hallway with her before pinning down then toying with his green monkey.


He learned the trick and many others while keeping his owners company when they were separated while on duty.

Alexandra, from Dayton, Ohio, said: “His name is Ein and it comes from the popular anime Cowboy Bebop where he Ein is a genetically altered ‘data dog’ corgi who is super intelligence and accompanies a couple of space bounty hunters on adventures.

“My husband and I got him as an eight-week-old puppy and I started training him from day one.

“We have multiple little sessions throughout the mornings and evenings before and after I get home from work.

“He knows so many tricks I’m running out of ideas for what to teach him. He’s very trainable.

“For this particular trick, we started out in the ‘lay down’ position. Ein knows a trick called ‘be sneaky’ where I point out a spot on the ground and he crawls to it, and I used it as the basis for this game.

“He caught on so fast and would mimic my movements as I’d crawl with him.


“He also knows “on my mark” which is a variation of “give paw” and “wait” combined, when I’m ready to send him out to touch the toy.

“He’ll wait until I either flip my hand over (non verbal) or verbally tell him to “go touch it”.

“So once he hears that, he’ll go over and touch the toy, still waiting on my “okay” command to grab it! We do this almost every day, he gets so excited to sneak.

“We’ve been fortunate enough that whenever I am away for my job, my husband is home to take care of Ein and vice versa.

“Honestly, it’s more like Ein keeps whoever stays behind at the house company until the other comes home.

“Especially this past year, I don’t know what I would have done without Ein.

“My husband was in Test Pilot School and a majority of the days I would just see him for an hour for dinner. I’d frequently fall asleep with Ein by my side.”


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