Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment two sleeping strangers come close to colliding on their commute home.

While riding the subway car home in New York, USA, Demitrio Albano spotted two fellow straphangers dozing off opposite.

As the carriage carries on its journey, the drowsy passengers slowly start to fall into each other before moving upright again.

Mere seconds after sitting straight up, the pair begin to topple again, coming just a whisker away from their heads colliding before moving off again.

Demitrio said: “I thought it was really funny.

“I have seen many people sleeping in the subway, but I have never seen it happening simultaneously between two people falling toward each other like that.

“Many funny subway moments are documented when someone is either under the influence, yelling, or something else that grabs attention.

“This seemed like a harmless, funny moment on a fairly empty train.

“At the beginning, they were separated by a man who was sitting in between them for a few.

“After he left, they were both falling in and out of sleep for a few stops, until they both completely dozed off.

“They both gradually started nodding farther in toward each other and catching themselves, until they started getting close to touching.

“The closest they ever came to touching was in the video.”