By Kim Reader

These three hungry chicks looked like they were queueing in the school lunch line as they waited to be fed by their mum in an orderly line.

The adorable yellow-chested birds perched in a neat row on a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia, as their mum played dinner lady and delivered some delicious grubs.


Feeding time for the golden-headed cisticola birds was captured in stunning snaps by amateur photographer Roy Hadi Husada.

Housing developer Roy, 59, had set out on a mission to find the fledgling birds after a tip-off from a friend and his trip did not disappoint as he managed to get a sequence of beautiful shots.

Roy, of Jakarta, Indonesia, said: “I was out specifically to photograph these birds that day because I got information from my colleague that he found fledgling birds on the outskirt of Jakarta.


“The mother was flying backwards and forwards. She would come back every 20 minutes with food and go down the row feeding the kids.

“I especially like watching the mother as she looked like she would dance around before feeding her kids.”

Roy, who captured the striking snaps on a Canon 7D camera, got took up photography as a hobby in 2012.