Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This mesmerizing video shows how one ambitious kitesurfer decided to challenge himself on more testing waters, instead tackling a completely frozen lake.

Donning ice skates to accompany his usual kitesurfing attire, Joonatan Hamalainen glided across Bodom Lake, in Espoo, Finland, surrounded by stunning, glistening scenery.

In the video, Joonatan can be seen weaving his way across the lake – a process, he said, that took a little getting used to.


The 24-year-old had not attempted to kitesurf with skates before the January 16, 2018 shoot, and it is a challenge, he said, that many others have probably not attempted, either.

As well as wearing a GoPro camera, capturing the experience first-hand, Joonatan also flew a drone around the lake to shoot additional footage of his feat.

Temperatures for the shoot were around -6C, he said, with winds of between five- and 10-meters-per-second.


Joonatan, from Salo, Finland, said: “Idea came from my friend, as he said that the Lake Bodom had just frozen over, and invited me to try kitesurf on it with skates.

“It turned to be one of the most epic days in my career kitesurfing, and in life.

“I have been kitesurfing three years, but never on ice with skates, so this was the first time for me and it was awesome.

“It’s so rare that ice freezes like that. It was a one-time chance, because next day ice was covered with snow.

“The footage looked great and I was very happy with the result.

“Bright, sunny weather helped a lot in taking good footage.”