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By Hannah McFadyen

Adorable Saffron has given up her birthday to help get food for hungry kids.

The selfless six-year-old made the decision after being moved by a video of kids asking for food for Christmas, instead of toys.

Saffron, who has just turned seven, was upset that the children had so little when she was so lucky.

Pics Peter Goddard / Caters News

Her mum, Pav, 34, says that generous Saffron is mature for her ages as well as quite maternal and girly.

So far the family, from West Bronwich, West Mids, have raised around £1,500 and Pav, a company director said:

“She was going to be seven and her birthday‘s and around Christmas. I showed her a video on what some children in Malawi were asking for for Christmas – it was just things like rice and food.

“She said that I’m really lucky because I get whatever I want and they don’t even have anything to eat.

“We’ve managed to raise about £1500 in a week – I’m very proud of her and what she’s managed to do.

Pics Peter Goddard / Caters News

“I think it teaches good principals – it’s always good to teach children about what they have and how lucky they are. I try to make a point of it – we often go to feed the homeless on Saturday nights.

And this isn’t her first act of kindness – the caring little girl has previously given away her toys at Christmas.

“I don’t think she understand how much good she’s doing as it is a pretty big deal for a child to give up their presents.

“But every Christmas she donates some of her toys to the children’s hospitals so I think maybe it’s seems normal to her.

Pics Peter Goddard / Caters News

“Saffron’s a very girly girl and she’s very compassionate – she’s a good girl. She’s spends a lot of time with adults – she’s like my little best friend.

“She didn’t tell her friends at first as she’s quite reserved, then we spoke to the school they wanted to let the pupils know and she got quite embarrassed.

“She’s very caring and maternal I think – she’ll always say I’ll look after you when you’re older mummy.

Saffron pledged her birthday through the charity Zero Hunger with Langar and you can donate to her cause at –

“I was made aware of this charity and the guys who started zero hunger with langar – we’re Sikh and langar it’s all about feeing people and helping those who are less fortunate.

“You can pledge your birthday and then instead of receiving gifts, people who want to give you presents can donate.

“She’s got quite a following social media – she’s probably more popular than me!”