Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

Adorable pup Delilah faced some cute karma after she got into the rubbish and found a half-eaten box of cheez its.

The poor pooch was left stuck with the box stuck on her head as she frantically tried to tug it off.

Much to her owner’s amusement though, it didn’t stop her from taking a few breaks from her escape attempts to gobble up the remaining crackers.

Delilah’s owner, 33-year-old David Cummings, lives in Las Vegas and thought the incident was completely hilarious.

And luckily for cheeky Delilah she did eventually manage to get out of the mess she found herself in.

David said: “It probably lasted for about 30 seconds and we laughed the entire time – it was great.”

“She was about one year old, since she was old enough to come home. She’s very goofy but this was a first.”