Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This breathtaking scene looks like it came straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, as, out of nowhere, hundreds of peacocks suddenly began descending from the surrounding trees.

Sixteen-year-old Ding Duo was filming the hilltops and temples in Xishuangbanna, Yunna, China, when the vibrant birds suddenly began to appear.

Pic by Ding Duo / Caters

One after another, peacock after peacock emerged from the trees, filling the sky and landing on the grass near Ding’s feet.

So great was the volume of birds, that they continued to head Ding’s way for more than 90 seconds.

According to Ding, the peacocks are set free at the tourist-friend temple each day, with visitors often surprised by the sight of seeing peacocks fly for the first time.

Pic by Ding Duo / Caters

Ding, speaking about the footage he shot on January 4, 2018, said: “I was quite surprised and excited when I saw so many peacocks flying down from there, and I’m sure the others watching felt the same too.

“I have not seen a scene like this, nor had I seen peacocks flying before.

Pic by Ding Duo / Caters

“I felt very fortunate to have captured this moment on the footage, as it is quite an uncommon sight.”