Animals Video

By Katy Gill

These strange and wonderful worms will both amaze and repulse you.

Known as the ‘fat innkeeper worm’, the echiura worm is a little round worm that lives at the bottom of the sea.


These unusual and pudgy worms look as harmless as they are – they’re quite slow and are harmless to humans as they have no teeth.

Igor Adameyko, 37, took this footage of the chubby worms whilst visiting a biological station in the Russian Far East.

The Swedish researcher runs a laboratory and has a passion for marine biology.

He said: “These videos show the live worms that belong to the group of Urechidea (to be more precise, Urechis unicinctus).


“The echiura worms are absolutely harmless to humans (possessing no teeth) and they are pleasant to touch (they are rather soft and passive, and feel like a well-cooked sausage).

“Moreover, in Asian countries such as South Korea or China, they are used as a food that can be consumed raw or cooked in different styles.

“These worms typically live in burrows in muddy and sandy parts of a sea floor, and their U-shaped burrows are also used by many other sea creatures as their temporary or permanent homes.


“For this reason, Urechises are often called “fat innkeeper worms” (they are also called “penis fish” for quite an obvious reason). So far, it does not look that their cohabitants do any good for them.

“The animals in the video were collected by the professional divers serving the biologists at the research station, and they were originally used for research of some of my colleagues specializing on these groups of marine animals and for educating a new generation of students.


“Marine biology is my hobby, and sometimes I travel to visit my scientist friends all over the world to see what they are doing and to explore the objects they are studying.”