Life Video

By Ben Walley

Adorable toddler Nariyah refuses to stop calling her Ken doll her ‘boyfriend’ – much to her mum Amanda’s annoyance.

Three-year-old Nariyah grins as she’s lying on the floor – ‘boyfriend!’ she shouts, and giggles as her mum scolds her.

What follows is an adorable argument over Nariyah’s Ken doll boyfriend.

The Connecticut mum took this video at little Nariyah’s grandpa’s house when she came to pick her up.

Amanda Boushee, 31, said: “When I arrived to pick Nariyah from her grandpa’s house she was playing with her dolls there was a Ken doll she was playing with.

“Nariyah said ‘mommy look I have a boyfriend’ – I told her she couldn’t have a boyfriend until she was in her twenties and not call him her boyfriend.

“Nariyah said ‘but mommy he is my boyfriend’. That’s when the boyfriend war started.”