Life Video

By Katy Gill

An adorable baby has been pictured laughing hysterically at his dad making duck noises.

Trevor Lucas, 19, and his seven-month-old son Braylen are sitting in the bath, when his dad makes a quacking sound using a duck call, much to the hilarity of the cute baby.

A duck caller is a device used in hunting, to attract duck and geese to the hunter.

Trevor, from Alabama said: “I had not long got home from hunting and my fiancé decided that she wanted to give Braylen a bath.

“I’ve always told her that I couldn’t wait for him to start walking so I could take him hunting, fishing, or to even play baseball in the yard.

“So being as it would be a while before he started walking, I decided to bring hunting to him.

“I gathered up a few decoys, and a couple duck calls, and my waders, and to the bathtub we went.

“I’ve heard him laugh several times before, but nothing like he did when he heard the sounds of that mallard call.

“It really made me smile, and it was really heart-warming to see him so happy.”