Animals Video

By Katy Gill 

Watch the hilarious moment a tiny horse appears to dance on his hind legs.

The adorable Shetland pony, Alvin, who is 10 years old, has been trained by owner Paulina Tufvesson to always put his best food forward.

Alvin, who has been in the care of Paulina for eight years, is certainly not camera shy and laps up the attention.

His moves are almost human like as he appears to walk on just two hooves.

Pic by Paulina Tufvesson/Caters News

Paulina, 24, from Sweden, said: “Alvin loves to show off and have an audience to impress, when I come out to feed him he usually offers a trick or two in the hope of a treat.

“I have trained him using positive reinforcement (clicker training) and he is free to do whatever he wants, he decides if he wants to perform and which tricks to do.

“I never use any force which I think is really important.

Pic by Paulina Tufvesson/Caters News

“He is usually able to learn new tricks in just a few days or weeks but it can sometimes take longer depending on how hard they are.

Pic by Paulina Tufvesson/Caters News

“Alvin’s looks have always drawn attention but as our training progressed people started to realise that he has an amazing personality too.

“In his mind he’s as big and powerful as any other horse and I treat him like the star he is, he hates being babied, he’s a super diva.”