Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A Caracal cat has been captured prowling on camera, in an extremely rare sighting.

The notoriously elusive Caracal cat was spotted by a pair of paragliders who happened to be in the area.

The animal prowls around the area in the short clip, seemingly oblivious to the two men.

Louis Stanford/Caters News

Caracal cats are known for being territorial, and paired with the fact that they’re nocturnal animals, make them a rare find in the wild.

Louis Stanford, 42, started filming after being shocked by seeing the animal in person in Lions Head, Cape Town, South Africa.

Louis said: “My friend Iain and I had travelled to Lions Head to paraglide.

“As we reached our launch mat, Iain spotted the cat in the bushes, finishing up a meal.

“I started filming, and also approached the cat, which became skittish and disappeared along the ridge.

Louis Stanford/Caters News

“We couldn’t believe our good luck at seeing such a rare sight, and we very surprised at how unperturbed it was by our presence.

“Caracals have very occasionally been spotted at Lions Head, but no-one has ever obtained footage.

“I think it stayed in the vicinity for about 10 minutes before disappearing down the mountain, passing in-between groups of oblivious hikers.

“I don’t think they’re known to be dangerous to humans, but they do have a reputation for hunting cats and dogs – many owners have lost pets,

or worse, discovered bits of pet in their garden.”