Video Viral

By Ben Walley 

This is the hilarious video of a two-year-old girl refusing to share a milkshake with her dad.

Carly Arbouet, from New York, US, was asked by her dad Kevin, 40, if he could share some of her milkshake.


Instead of allowing her dad to share her shake, the little girl frowns, ignores him, and decides to carry on drinking.

Her mum Anna, 34, captured the rib-tickling moment on a family outing.

Anna said: “Carly was drinking a strawberry milkshake, which she absolutely loves, so I’m not surprised she didn’t want to give her dad any!

“She’s a naturally funny little girl – she’s always doing something that cracks us up, even when she’s doing something like eating or drinking.

“I think she certainly realizes that she’s being funny, and loves teasing her dad, so I think that’s probably why she didn’t actually share her shake.