By Laura Dale

Ouch! This little penguin hit the deck after his pal was caught on camera appearing to shove him to the ground.

The penguin goes head over flippers after jumping out of the sea onto some slippery rocks.

But his friend’s outstreched flipper seems to suggest his trip was not entirely an accident!

Shayne McGuire / Caters News

Photographer Shayne McGuire, photographer, took the image at Kinnes Cove, Antarctica.

Shayne said: “The penguins had been out to sea gathering food to bring back to the nest to feed their young, and were quickly making their way back from the shore, in case there was a leopard seal lurking around the shore line.

Shayne McGuire / Caters News

“They were having a spot of trouble getting their footing down as they flew from the water to the wet and slick rock.

“As the penguin in front slipped, so did the ones behind him.

“After the crash landing, they all made it to their feet, looked at me as if to say ‘what are you doing here?’ then wandered off toward their nests.

Shayne McGuire / Caters News

“It was very funny to witness, but I did feel a bit sorry for the poor fella.”