Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

A mother’s love knows no bounds, even if the mother is an animal.

One such spectacle was seen in an Indian road when a cow was captured anxiously running after her calf who got injured and was taken in a goods vehicle to a veterinary hospital.

The two-month-old calf had injured itself and collapsed after its wounds became severe and infection spread.


After locals informed a government-run veterinary hospital, the workers came in to pick the animal on a goods vehicle from a circle in Haveri in Karnataka in southern India on January 25.

Both the cow and its offspring were strays and it is not known how the animal got injured.

As the workers picked the unconscious calf and sped away in the vehicle, the tensed mother followed it till it reached the dispensary.

In the heart-wrenching video shot by a commuter, the cow can be seen running side by side a fast moving vehicle as her calf lies unconscious in it.

The mother keeps up with the pace even when the vehicle changes it speed.

At one point, it outpaces the driver and comes in front of the vehicle in an attempt to stop him but keeps following it when the driver does not stop.


The cow stood outside the hospital waiting anxiously for its calf for two days as the calf underwent treatment in the hospital.

Dr Hanumanth Raju Sannaki, chief veterinary officer, said the calf’s condition was serious when it was brought to the hospital but it is recovering fast now.

“The calf is very young and it had a big wound caused due to infection spread by flies. There were maggots in his wounds and it collapsed.

“It was with us for two days but because its mother was impatient, a farmer took it home two days after.

“During the two days, the mother never left the hospital and stayed near the calf licking its wounds.

“We are doing he dressing of the wounds every day and for a week it would be required after which the calf will heal completely.”