By Jamie Smith

A photographer got a little closer than he would have liked with the pack of wild dogs he was following during a safari.

Clint Ralph, 55, from Pretoria, South Africa, was hoping to get some great wildlife photography whilst at the  Zimanga Private Lodge, South Africa, in October, last year.

Pic by Clint Ralph/Caters News 

Little did he know that he would find himself right in the middle of the action after the pack had made a kill just moments before.

Clint, an owner of a Waste Management & Recycling Company, said: “We had picked up a pack of wild dogs going on their evening hunt.

“On following them they managed to pull down an Impala antelope but the time we caught up to them they had already town it apart each moving off with something to chew on.

Pic by Clint Ralph/Caters News 

“We disembarked to get down low and amongst them to get better shots.

“Whilst I was sitting on the ground photographing one of the pack members another one moved in behind me.

“I was not aware of this dog until I heard it sniffing my back. I turned slowly to see it.

“It remained quite calm and lay down close by to continue with its meal.”

Clint described his experience with the wild dogs as a rush of adrenaline but feels privileged to have gotten so close to the pack.

“It was just wonderful to see the cycle of life through my lens and then to have the opportunity to capture it for all to witness.”