By Kristiana Hall

A grumpy looking gorilla looked almost human when a wildlife photographer caught his gloomy expression.

Marcus Westburg, 34, from Germany, was visiting the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, in southwestern Uganda, when he captured the unimpressed gorilla while observing them in their natural habitat.

PIC FROM Marcus Westberg / Caters News 

Mark said: “This guy didn’t look at all impressive or dignified.

“But the expression and posture is perhaps the most human I have ever seen a gorilla pull off.

“He obviously didn’t feel that our visit was anything worth getting excited about.”

Mark, who works as a photographer and writer, has a real passion for primates and has been out to visit them over 30 times in past four years.

PIC FROM Marcus Westberg / Caters News

He said: “They are so incredibly similar to us. Their behaviour, their expressions, even their physiology.

“The gorillas observe us as much as we observe them, and their different personalities become clear very quickly.

“It really is a question of them allowing you to enter their world, as opposed to simply not running away from you, like a lion or a zebra.

“The gorillas know you are there, and they know what you are, but nevertheless decide that you may stay for a while.”