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This funny video shows the moment a beefy Boston Terrier let out a petrified scream after being scared by his owner’s hand.

The funny footage starts with seven-year-old Oliver relaxing on the couch at his home in Santa Paula, California.

Owner, Vanessa Cordero, simply puts a comforting hand on her pet, who within seconds turns to see the hand and with his eyes bulging looks instantly terrified.

Stunned Oliver continues to completely overreact by letting out an hilarious scream before diving off the couch for safety.

Spa manager, Vanessa, has had Oliver since he was just nine weeks old.

The 40-year-old said: “Usually when I grab him he’s surprised and it will start a game of chase.

“We’d been playing right before I shot this funny video. His surprised face is so goofy, I wanted to get it on video and share it with my friends.

“I waited for him to settle down a bit and grabbed him, making a “pfffft” noise.

“He must have decided he wasn’t in a playful mood any longer because he turned and screamed.

“I’d never heard him make that sound before, so I got startled and screamed.

“He usually likes being touched and is very playful. Boston Terriers are absolute clowns and Oliver is no exception, he regularly gets startled and has over the top reactions.

“Normally he just bugs his eyes out and runs, he’s never screamed.

“He was fine after the scare, perhaps a little annoyed with how much we were laughing at him.

“He settled down and snoozed on the sofa while I wiped away tears and posted the video to Instagram and Facebook.

“Oliver keeps our whole family laughing with his antics. He is my only pet, and is fairly well behaved.

“He seems to have selective hearing when I’m calling him, but out in public he’s a perfect gentleman.”