Life Video

By Ben Walley

This is the beautiful moment that a son surprised his step-dad with adoption papers.

Logan Borden’s father Rick Morse opens the parcel and read the papers carefully before embracing his son, overcome with emotion.

Pic by Logan Borden/Caters News

Logan says that Rick has raised him from when he was a baby and has been there for him throughout his entire life.

The pair even works at the same place and Rick is a brilliant grandparent to Logan’s child – both of who are changing their surnames to Morse.

Logan said: “Our relationship is that of a father and son, very close, a great parent. I was completely nervous, mostly because everybody was watching but also extremely excited because I knew how happy he would be.

“He knew something was going on because he caught me and my older brother (who also is having my dad adopt him) going through paperwork, but he had no idea this was going to happen.

“He was in shock the rest of the night and very happy.

Pic by Logan Borden/Caters News

“He has raised me since I was a baby; he has been there for me through every bit of my life, stuck by my side during the bad and the good, the times of trouble and the times of happiness.

“My mom says he’s close to me his actual kids – which, by the way, he raised and he’s close to all of us, we all look up to and respect him very much.

“My real father has never been a part of my life and I felt it was time to finally make it legal to be called his son and him my father, he’s an amazing grandparent to my child and all his other grandchildren, me and my son are changing our last names to his (Morse) and my son is extremely excited to make that change because he loves his grandfather.”