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By Bilal Kuchay

An Indian villager has been eating at least two kilos every bricks, mud and gravel every day – in a bizarre attempt to become famous.

Sunil Kumar Paswan, 38, from Chandwa village in Katihar in the eastern Indian state of Bihar first developed a taste for the seemingly inedible objects at the age of 15.

Ever since he has snacked on bricks, gravel and mud – and claims to suffer no side effects from his unusual diet.

The bizarre eating disorder is thought to be a form of Pica, an illness which gives sufferers an appetite for substances without any nutritional value.

Paswan explained: “I have been eating bricks, charcoal, gravel and mud for around 20 years now.

“After eating food, I always wanted to have something different.

“I started with eating mud and charcoal at the age of 15. With time I got addicted to eating mud, bricks and gravel. It became a part of my life.

“I have suffered no side effects in all these years.

“My teeth are absolutely fine. I work like normal people without having any health problem.”

Paswan, a father of three sons and two daughters works as a labourer in his village.

For his bizarre eating disorder, he is famous not only in his native village but in the surrounding villages as well.

He now intends to showcase his rare ability at a national platform to become famous countrywide.

He said: “I want to make use of my rare ability and earn a name for myself and my family.

“I want to show people what I can do. I want to earn some money by using my talent.”

His mother, Jamuni Devi, has spent years trying to dissuade her son from eating such things.

She recalls: “I remember when he was very young, he would eat charcoal.

“I tried my best to dissuade him not to eat such things but he never listened to my pleas.”

A local doctor in the area says that eating unpalatable material is very harmful for Paswan and he needs regular counselling to give up this addiction.

Dr Pramod Kumar Singh said: “There is no medication available for such addiction. We can counsel the patient that this is not good for his health.

“In the long run, eating bricks and mud can become deadly for him as it will affect his vital organs including stomach, liver and intestines.”