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By Katy Gill

A fitness-mad mum found her Achilles heel – after trialling a new workout caused her tendon to snap like a gunshot.

Tiffany Van Dyke, 41, was recording a preview for a new work out when her achilles tendon ruptured loudly.

Immediately after the audible crack the high school science teacher and online health coach knew something was wrong.

She hobbled to an armchair and attempted to sit down as the excruciating pain set in and she could feel the tendon rolling up her leg.

Fortunately, her seven-year-old son Brock was at home and fetched her an ice pack and some help.

PIC FROM Caters News

After undergoing surgery two days later, it was three months before Tiffany could begin jogging again.

Tiffany said: “I really can’t believe I even had this on film. The “pop” that the achilles makes is so loud and anyone who had heard it was in shock.

“I literally thought a gunshot had gone off in my house.

“Of course I was in pain and in shock also but the way my little boy Brock came to my rescue was awesome.

“He was so concerned and took care of me until my father-in-law was able to come and get me and take me to the hospital. He is a great young man and very caring.

Tiffany was trialling a new workout for her social media channels when the injury occurred.

She said: “I was doing a preview for a new Core de Force workout in October 2016. I had no idea that this injury was about to occur. I had stayed home with my son that day because he was sick, so I decided to do my workout.

“I had never had any severe injuries in my life, just a few ankle sprains.

PIC FROM Caters News

“It felt like my leg was on fire. It was the craziest feeling ever. I could actually feel my tendon roll up my leg.

“I was unable to move my foot back and forth and knew immediately that it was my achilles.

“I went to the hospital and received a MRI where it showed where the rupture had happened. I then had to have surgery on October 5 where it was repaired.

“I’m not really sure why or how it occurred. The doctor said that I completely ruptured my achilles and ‘blew out’ part of my calf muscle also

“Over the past year when I did workout, I could feel pain in my left hip, knee and left calf. I had visited the doctor and chiropractor numerous times to get therapy, but just thought it was the overuse of my body growing up.

“I played college basketball and tennis and played every sport in HS. I had always been active, so I guess I thought I was due.

“However, I believe now that all the issues on my left side of my body were due to me being extremely tight. I stretched off and on but never like I should have.

“Now, I warm up extremely well first. I jog a mile before I even do any workout.”

Tiffany faced a long road to recovery after her injury. However, the fitness fanatic was determined to make a full recovery and beat the timescale doctors had given her.

She said: “Doctors told me it would be about six months before I would be able to really take a jog or exercise. I was determined to get back as soon as I could because I was afraid that if I waited too long and didn’t push myself, I would never be able to get back to normal.

“I had read many posts and articles about the average person rupturing their achilles and many said they never returned to normal.

“I spent five days a week in rehab doing stretches and using a ‘wobble board’ to build strength back in my leg.

“I was determined. On January 1, 2017, I took my first jog, just three months after the injury. I still had a bad limp but was able to return to some basic workouts.”