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By Bilal Kuchay

A 71-year-old Indonesian mechanic has been drawing eyeballs of confused onlookers for his ‘two-faced’ car.

Roni Gunawan from Bandung in Indonesia’s West Java Province, has created a car that has two front sides making its rear look mirror images.

Tatar Imaji/ CATERS NEWS

The gleaming metallic orange sedan is an outcome of two Toyota Limbo cars that Gunawan split into halves and welded together at his own garage.

The ‘bizarre’ car has two engines, two steering wheels, two pedals, two gear sets and a single gas tank and is designed in such a way that two drivers can simultaneously control its wheels.

The mechanic spent six months and took help of ten workers for his creation.

Roni said: “It took me six months to create this unique car.”

“I took help of ten workers to cut two Toyota Limbo cars at the centre and welded the two heads and transformed them into his wonderful car.

“I always wanted to design something unique.

Tatar Imaji/ CATERS NEWS

“In the mid of 2017, I along with my workers cut down two cars at the centre and then joined the two heads in such a way that people wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the front and the back of the car.

“We worked very carefully on both at the car’s outer and interior design.

“It was after months of hard labour and fineness that we were able to create this beautiful car.”

“I’m excited to have designed such a unique car.”

While Roni’s creation has been the talk of the town, his dream to drive the unique vehicle is not going to see the light any time soon as he has not followed the local traffic laws.

His car, was in fact, seized by local police on January 15 within few hours after it hit the street for the first time for violating the rules.

Tatar Imaji/ CATERS NEWS

Senior traffic police officer, Hilman Rawalasi said: “The car violates the Indonesian traffic rules.

“It has violated two articles of the 2009 law on vehicle roadworthiness, including a requirement that cars feature all of the proper safety signals.

“The vehicle does not have a reverse light and the dimensions of the vehicle are not appropriate.

“The owner had not taken the license to change the colour or the shape of the vehicles before designing this car.

Tatar Imaji/ CATERS NEWS

“Also, the car has two number plates and even there are two different vehicle registration numbers as well.

“We have handed over the car back to its owner after a letter of agreement was signed that he will not bring it on road again.”