Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This nail-biting footage shows the moment a van begins teetering on a massive cliff edge.

The van can be seen driving along the cliff edge, but comes to a spot of trouble when it gets stuck and starts teetering over the edge.

Manohar Takur / Caters News

However after a minute of struggling, the van returns to land and continues on its journey along the Maling Nala, India.

This shocking footage was captured by Manohar Lal during his visit to the cliff.

Manohar, 34, said: “That road was deadly, it was just on the edge of the mountain.

“The mountain is around 4000 meters from the sea level, and the road was on the edge of that – it was too scary!

“It’s very dangerous because they are very narrow roads and at the other side is a deep valley.”