Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

Goats are known for their sure steps, but for this little guy it wasn’t the case.

Gary the goat’s first time on the ice led to a bit of a misstep and a face full of snow.

Phillip Smage took the video of Gary at his Smagical Adventure Retreat – a holiday retreat that focuses on action sports.

Gary takes a few wobbly steps on the ice before slipping to his knees and managing to plant his face in the snow.

Philip said: “It was Gary’s first winter and his first time seeing snow and ice and he didn’t know what to expect from the ice.

“That was his First time on ice so he was a bit sketchy! He has it pretty mastered now during his second winter.

“At first I was scared because he slammed hard, then as soon as I saw his standard “gary shake off” and realized he was ok I laughed my butt off.

“Yeah he was fine. He instantly shook it off and pretended he tried to do it like he always does.

“It was filmed at our house, Smagical Advenure Retreat… right in front of the garage in the driveway.”