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By Tui Benjamin

This rescue mutt bemuses her owners by howling in perfect harmony with Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ every time – but ignoring all other tracks.

Furry fan Lilly, a six and a half-year-old border collie mix, stunned owner Amy Drabik last month when she broke into song when the song came on the radio.

Amy Drabik/Caters News

The talented pooch has now developed a penchant for crooning to the popstar’s hit every time it is played – but won’t open her mouth for any other song.

Physician assistant Amy, 28, has even played her musical pet other Adele tracks and performances by the songstress’ inspirations but Lilly will only croon to that one hit.

Amy, from Newtown, Conneticut, USA, said: “I came home and my mum said ‘Lilly sings to Adele now’.

“She said Adele – Someone like you was playing on the stereo and she heard this noise and didn’t know what it was, but it was Lilly singing.

“I didn’t believe mum when she told me. I went and played the track on the TV, but wasn’t expecting anything.

“As soon as the chorus started, Lilly just went for it. I couldn’t believe it.

“She does it every single time. She lifts her head towards the source of the music and howls along, always at the chorus.

“She only does it with Adele, and only with that song.

“There is something about Someone like you that she just loves.

Amy Drabik/Caters News

“Whatever she’s doing, it doesn’t matter she will stop whatever she is doing and howl.

“It’s hilarious – no one expected it.”

Amy and her family adopted Lilly in 2011 after Amy returned from college and their previous pet passed away.

And the 28-year-old said the ‘fantastic’ pooch makes everyone fall in love with her.

She filmed the hilarious compilation last month while she was at home spending time with her family over the Christmas break.

Amy added: “We tested Lilly by playing her other Adele tracks but she wasn’t interested.

“We even looked up Adele’s inspirations and played some of them – other female singers – but she didn’t sing along.

“We can’t work out why she likes Someone like you so much.

“At first I wondered if it was hurting her ears, but she is always wagging her tail while she howls.

“The video of her has had thousands of likes and shares. It is getting crazier and crazier.

“She is the cutest dog ever – everyone who meets her falls in love with her.”

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