Life Video

By Josh Saunders 

A traveller has made an epic one year in the life of video after completing a challenge to film one second from every day of 2017.

Danny Jones, 25, from Birmingham, West Mids, captured everything from journeys abroad to the snow-capped Canadian mountains, to everyday moments, football fails, fancy dress parties and more.

PICS BY DANNY JONES / CATERS NEWS: May, while Danny was in Bruges, Belgium

He started the idea January 1st last year after watching a friend’s video filming one second for six-months of his time as a ukulele player on cruise ships.

The film saw Danny visit Canada, France, Gran Canaria, Germany, Bruges in Belgium, Milan in Italy, as well as the more ‘mundane’ but magical moments of everyday life.

From a charity run to selfies, tea and meal-making, ironing, sunsets, dancing, mosh-pits, family moments, live music, dabbing, bonfires, weddings, parades, ice skating nature and more.

Danny who works as a producer, says his film was well-received but the secret to the success for it was just capturing one second as it served as a small snapshot of every day of his life.

His film that took 10-hours to edit, has now inspired others to take-up the challenge that results in a one-year memoir of the year one second at a time.

Danny said: “You start off with just one second, then it keeps growing and growing from there, once there’s more than five or six seconds it starts to get quite exciting.

“I didn’t want it to be all food or landscapes, because I knew I’d be bored watching that, so I tried to put as much variety as possible.

“I did a lot of travelling seeing different places, watching my nephew grow-up over the year was fun too and one day I nearly forgot so at 11pm I went outside to film the moon.

PICS BY DANNY JONES / CATERS NEWS: Danny in Dortmund, Germany with people in typical attire for the area

“One of my friends Bex said her favourite clip was when we were on the sofa moving our feet, it was an everyday, real-life moment and some people prefer that to the holiday shots.

“I think it changes a lot as the seasons alter too, in summer there are more outdoor clips then in November and December, it’s mainly indoors.

“I think by filming one second of your day for a film like this, it maximises the best thing that happens in that day.

“Everyone has loved it so far and I was quite overwhelmed, a lot of people I filmed over the year were looking forward to seeing themselves in it too.

“I’m really proud of it, I made it through the whole year, even if it looked terrible I would have been proud of finishing it.

“Now I have this incredible keepsake and memoir of a year of my life.”

Danny said that apart from the incredible travels he had during the year, some of his favourite moments where more normal like watching his nephew grow-up during the year.

He added: “Over the year I visited Gran Canaria, Germany, Bruges in Belgium, Canada, Milan and more, so there was a lot of variety.

“One from 15 days before the end of the year, I got my mate dancing surrounded by women looking like he’s having the best time, then there are a lot of funny football clips too.

PICS BY DANNY JONES / CATERS NEWS: Lake Morraine in Canada – during his travels in July

“Most people said they don’t do anything so wouldn’t be able to make one of these videos, but it’s only one second that you need to record every day.”

Danny who plans to take a year-off from the challenges believes it’s inspired at least four friends to do it and believes the format of one second a day works perfectly.

He said: “When there’s only one second per day it keeps you interested to see more.

“Sometimes it was obvious which second to use, other times it’s harder as you have to try to the film flow together and make sense.

“I think in the world we are in, where our attention spans are shorter it keeps you watching and intrigued because it’s only a second then onto something new.

“It makes you want to see what happens next, then another second and another goes by, it’s perfect for our short concentration spans.”

PICS BY DANNY JONES / CATERS NEWS: Birmingham in December, Danny makes a snowman – this was featured in one of the days

He thanked girlfriend Claire Perry, friends and family who took part in the film, who he believed were pivotal to making the piece interesting.

Danny said: “A lot of the time you are asking them to embarrass themselves or look stupid, most times I didn’t ask permission until after I filmed them as I wanted to catch life naturally.

“I caught them a second or two before they realised they were being filmed, so it was a natural and great way of keeping record of everything.

“I was really thankful to everyone involved, you really can’t do it without getting other people on board.”