Life Video

By Charlotte Regan

This proposal was captured perfectly in 360 degrees vr as a boyfriend sung out his question.

The adorable moment was shared with room packed full of festive onlookers in an Annual Christmas Cookies and Carols party.

Jason Carver had created a line of song for each letter of his girlfriend’s name – Faye Ibars.

The video was captured by family friend Richard Fendelman, a documentary film maker – who was tipped off about the surprise proposal by the girlfriends.

Richard said: “It was mostly a surprise, just the parents of the bride, the groom, and a few friends were in on it.


“I had no idea what was about to take place but I took one of the portable 360º degree vr cameras I carry with me at all times and moved over near the piano.

“Just then a young gentleman standing next to me whispered in my ear that he was about to ask Faye to marry him, he had composed a song for that purpose and was about sing it to her as soon as the group’s current Christmas song was over.

“As a cinematographer and documentary film maker, I relished in the opportunity to capture a ‘happening’ like this, especially in 360º.

“With my years of experience I had no qualms about keeping my camera right up to the action and being a ‘third wheel’ in the proposal.

“I could see that Jason was really nervous and he might be one of the worst singers of all time, but it was as loving and heartfelt as any person could be.

“The singing proposal only lasted a few minutes, but the hugs and congratulation from everyone lasted all night.”