By Alex Matthews

This unusual fish looks like it’s out for a casual stroll.

But walking along the sea bed is the only form of movement the armoured sea robin has.

Captured on video, the small red creature can be seen slowly picking its way over rocks, looking for food.

The prawn-like fish gets its name from four rows of bony plates that run along its body. Each plate has a thick, curved, short spine.

PIC FROM Caters News

The armoured sea robins also have horn-like projections on each side of their snout and whiskers on the bottom of their heads, which reach just in front of the mouth.

The whiskers have taste buds which the fish uses to sense food on the ocean floor.

They are related to sea robins, which are found in shallow waters of the America’s Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

Its armoured cousin can only be found deep in tropical Pacific waters.

PIC FROM Caters News

The video was taken by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration during their 2017 American Samoa Expedition.

A spokesperson said: “The fan-like fins on each side of the body behind the head have stiffened rays.

“In sea robins, including the armoured sea robin, the first few rays are free from the membranes of the rest of the fin and are very thick.

“The fish uses these thickened, stiff fin rays to ‘walk’ along the bottom.”

“That is the usual form of locomotion for sea robins, instead of swimming like most other fishes.”