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By Nick Fernandes

Bodybuilder sets world record lifting ONE-MILLION-POUND of weight in one impressive workout.

Michael Danforth, 52, from Orlando, Florida, USA, spent an entire day lifting more than the impressive weight to achieve the accolade from World Record Academy.

A weight lifter for nearly 40 years, Michael had recently been increasing the intensity of his workouts before deciding to set a record.

After coming up with the idea back in March, he spent the next nine months training before the 18.5-hour event on December 3.

Michael said: “I wanted to see if it was possible to set a new standard in weight lifting.

“I wanted to start a model for young people who are planning on becoming body builders.

“I hope that one day someone can beat my record.


“When I was preparing, I would usually train for five to five-and-a-half hours a day on several different body parts.

“I just kept increasing the weight, volume and intensity for nine months.

“Before the event, my most intense exercise involved lifting 600,000 pounds in ten hours.”

Despite his excess training and long workouts in recent months, Michael felt like he was struggling as he neared the end.

He was put under pressure by the time-limit of 19-hours to reach the goal, in addition to the person keeping track of repetition not showing up.                                                                                                               

Michael learned to keep track of his own repetition so he would know whether or not he would set the record by the end of the time limit. 

Michael said: “It was a challenge because it was the first time I was lifting that much in a single workout, but I was really trying to push through that one-million-pound mark as I got closer to the end.

“There were several times that I needed to take a break and I would also take an assessment of where I was.

“I was quite aware of the clock. By the time I was three quarters to the end I knew that if I really pushed myself and put in the effort, that I could do it.

“I was just putting in so much effort.”


“I’ve done a lot of long distance running in the past.

“That type of training in addition to body building my whole life really taught my body to keep moving even when I was quite fatigued.

“Even though I was keeping track, I made sure I lifted an extra 50,000 pounds after hitting a million, just in case I miscalculated.”

As part of Michael’s event, he asked spectators to make a donation to benefit homeless children.

The experiment has inspired Michael to raise money for the same cause in the future.

Michael said: “I think it’s a very important thing to donate to because with the current economy, we’re seeing more families and children becoming homeless and I’ve always thought that every child deserves to have a place they call home.

“Now that I have accomplished this, I will definitely continue the effort of trying to raise money for homeless youths.”

To donate visit:


Legs: 452,783 pounds

Back: 238,349 pounds

Chest: 204,927 pounds

Abs: 119,500 pounds

Shoulders: 39,710 pounds

Total: 1,055,269 pounds