Offbeat Video

By Jack Wiliams

This group of cliff-diving daredevils did not FREEZE at the site of the chilly waters below, diving and flipping into a quarry despite the freezing temperatures outside.

The divers tackling the fearful 100-foot-plus jump were required to wear wet suits and day-to-day clothes just to stay warm.

In the breathtaking footage Noah Weymouth was able to capture, on December 17, 2017, the apparel did not seem to hinder divers Ryan Szymanski, Matt Short, and PD Wcislo as they back-flipped their way through the air multiple times.

Temperatures were so cold at the unnamed location in Pennsylvania, USA that many of the surrounding bodies of water had ice that was at least five inches thick the day before, Noah, 19, said.

Pic by Noah Weymouth / Caters

Precautions for the jumps also needed to be taken, as the diving group – known as Cliff Life and founded in 2011 – were extremely cautious of catching hypothermia; hitting unseen objects in the water; and had spotters placed nearby, in case injuries were to occur.

The group also has a policy: “If you are not 100 percent confident you are going to land correctly, do not jump.”

Noah, from West Hartland, Connecticut, said: “Every place that we go, we depth check the water to make sure it is deep enough and that there aren’t any hidden objects to harm us.

“Many people have been injured because of not checking before jumping.

“Also, after every session of jumping or swimming, we clean the areas that we’ve been to – we make every place we touch cleaner than when we got there.

Pic by Noah Weymouth / Caters

“We would like to advise that if you are going to jump, check the water before you do so to prevent injuries.”

Cliff Life members travel across the United States, tackling some of the most thrilling cliff jumps the country has to offer.

This particular jumping session was to celebrate the birthday of founding member Mike Berritta, and choosing a height of more than 100 feet was so that certain members could hit an end-of-year target of breaking triple digits.

Noah joked: “Why not head to some snowy cliffs for a birthday celebration and achieve those end of the year goals?

“Just like every other sport, our entire group knows the risks, and when you’re passionate about something, you will do whatever it takes.”