By Jamie Smith 

Two perfectly camouflaged owls were caught taking a nap inside the hollow branch of a tree.

Photographer, Hardik Pala, 32 from Jamnagar, India, spotted the owls hidden amongst the trees in the Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India, in December, last year.

Hardik, who works for an architectural company, said: “I photograph wildlife as a hobby and visited the national park during the Christmas holidays when I spotted two Indian Scops Owls sleeping in their nest.

Pic by Hardik Pala/Caters News

“My favorite picture from the series are the ones that show the owls habitat and how camouflaged they can be that from the trail.

“Most people wouldn’t even be able to spot that there were two owls there from the first glance.

“Scops owl is a nocturnal bird species and remain active during night hours only. They slept for the whole time I was taking pictures.”