Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

These wakeboarders were given a real treat when a pair of curious dolphins decided to surf the waves in unison with them.

In the Turks and Caicos Islands, thrill-seeking duo Mark de Fraine and Nathaniel Taylor of ‘Wake to Wake Watersports’ were enjoying a day out, surfing the crystal blue ocean of Pine Cay, when they met with an unprecedented encounter.


Approached by a pair of unlikely friends, two daring dolphins begin shooting out from behind the boat’s wake that Mark and Nathaniel are riding, much to the delight of the veteran boarders.

The original surfers of the sea, as the duo called them, the dolphins gain some serious hang-time as they rise from the water before diving back down below the surface, waiting for the next big breaker.

Having previously surfed with one of the dolphins before, Mark is still in awe of the ‘special’ encounter, which lasted over an hour.


He said: “This is definitely the most amazing experience I’ve had out on the water.

“I’ve previously surfed with one of them before – who we’ve named Jojo – but the fact it was two and that we caught everything on film made it all the more special.

“We’ve been seeing them [the dolphins] around a lot more recently and have had them surfing near our boat a few times.

“We’re finding they’re learning the sound of our boat’s engine and swim over in the hopes we kick up a wave big enough for them to surf.


“We’re were filming promotional footage for our new watersports business, Wake to Wake, and then this happened – I can’t believe it.

“The dolphins are bound to return again, so be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss it.”

Mark and the team can be followed on Instagram: @waketowaketc