Life Video

By Ben Walley 

An 11-year-old girl has been caught bursting into tears after realising her adored step dad has adopted her.

Her mum, Tori Powell, 31, filmed the moment her daugher, Cami Lassiter, opened a present which included her adoption papers.

Bobby Powell had been part of her life since she was four years own, and after bringing her up as his own, the family finally feel complete.


Cami, who opened her present on Christmas Day, can be seen bursting into tears as she realises Bobby is finally her legally her father.

The 11 year old had longed for Cami to become her dad for years and was the best present she could have recieved.

Bobby, a maintenance technician from Georgia, US, said: “I’ve loved her from the moment I her aged four.

“I remember when I asked Tori to marry me, we came home and told Cami and she asked, ‘so does that mean you’re going to be my daddy?’

“After the wedding we started making plans for me to adopt her but that was years ago.


“She asked why she had a different surname to me and her mum when she was younger which was hard.

“It took such a long time as we needed to save up the money for the legal costs but we finally found a way.

“She had no idea about any of it despite the fact I’d decided I wanted to be her dad before I even married her mother.

“After she opened her present it was smiles and excitement for the whole day. She had wanted this for a long time just like us.”