Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A man has taken to the streets of Sweden to show just how big his muscles are – by climbing lampposts and doing muscle-ups.

Johannes Erlands, 26, can be seen initially climbing up an extremely tall lamppost and then proceeds to do one full muscle-up whilst hanging from it.

The firefighter’s strength is definitely impressive, as he can be seen lifting his entire body weight feet above the ground.


The footage was filmed in Karlskrona, in Southern Sweden.

Johannes said: “This was a lamppost on the street that my friend and I live by.

“I started to climb lampposts in high school as a party stunt, but I had never seen anybody doing a muscle-up that high up before so I had to try it.

“It wasn’t an option to let go of the grip at that height, so I didn’t think to much about it.

“I lost my best friend in a bike accident in 2012, so in hard times and dangerous situations his memory brings me the strength to overcome it!”