Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

Dramatic visuals show the moment a three-month-old elephant calf is rescued from a 30-foot dry well using nets and ropes in India.

The baby elephant, believed to have been strayed from its herd, had slipped into the farm well in the late hours of Monday on the fringes of Udedurgam Reserve Forest in Tamil Nadu is southern India.


After hearing its cries the next morning, locals gathered around the well to find it struggling to climb the deep pit walls.

They informed forest officials who first tried to lift it up with ropes. But after the initials attempts failed due to the resistance from the petrified calf, the rescue team cast a net into the well bed.

Eventually, the forest guards forced the calf into the net and hauled it up.

Mr Dipak, Divisional Forest Officer said: ” At least 25 staff ad another 50 volunteers helped in the rescue operation.

“We were told about the incident early morning and the team soon reached spot and monitored the situation before they finally succeeded in taking out the calf.

“The rescue operation lasted nearly two hours.


“The elephant calf was later reunited with the herd that was waiting in the forest for the calf.”

In the visuals, scores of locals stand in anticipation as a team of forest officials walk down the well and tie the net around. After few attempts, the men put the calf on the net and successfully lift it out if the well.

Minutes later, the adorable animal starts running, possibly in fear of the crowd but is contained by volunteers who guide him into the forest where the herd was waiting for the calf.