stray dog

By Hayley Pugh

This stray dog has found a new home and a new religion after moving into a MONASTERY.

The adorable pup, named Carmelo, is the newest resident at The Franciscan monastery of Cochabamba in Bolivia and has even been kitted out with a special doggy robe to wear.

PIC BY Kasper Mariusz Kapro/ Caters News

The former stray dog received a warm welcome from his brothers, who in honour of his new position, have given him the official title Friar Bigotón – which is Spanish for moustache.

PIC BY Kasper Mariusz Kapro/ Caters News

And as these delightful images show, Carmelo now even has a tiny Franciscan habit to wear around his new abode and enjoys going for walks and ‘preaching’ to the fish in the monastery pond.

PIC BY Kasper Mariusz Kapro/ Caters News

The cute pup, who was photographed by fellow Franciscan, Kasper Mariusz Kaproń, was adopted by the monastery with help from local animal rescue group, Proyecto Narices Frias.

The organisation now hope Carmelo’s story will inspire other monasteries and convents to take in needy animals.