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By Bilal Kuchay

Branded as a “curse” by relatives until very recently, a young Pakistani mother is delighted to go home with her 16-month-old daughter whom doctors have treated for a rare condition that had caused her nose to grow bigger than the size of two tennis balls.

Asiya Manghrio from Sanghar in Pakistan’s Sindh province was suffering from frontonasal encephalocele, a condition where her brain tissue had grown out through a defect in the skull.


It had left the toddler with a trunk-like nose. She was unable to eat properly and would constantly cry in pain.

For Asiya’s heartbreaking condition, her 23-year-old mother, Fatan Achar was branded as a “curse” by some of her relatives.

However, Asiya’s life changed last week when doctors at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre treated her condition in a three hour long surgery.

Neurosurgeon Dr Lal Rehman said: “The mass on the Asiya’s face was removed by performing craniotomy and disconnection of the roots of encephalocele with dural grafting and repair followed by excision of the encephalocele sac and extra abnormal tissue.

“It was a complicated surgery but everything went as per the plan.

“The patient is absolutely fine now. She was initially given liquid and semi-liquid diet only but now she can take biscuits as well.”

Asiya, who remained in observation for several weeks before surgery, is expected to go home next week.

Dr Lal said: “We are constantly monitoring her condition and hopefully she will be discharged from the hospital by end of this week.”


The young parents, Fatan and her husband Achar Manghiro, 27, who works as a daily wage farmer and makes only £100 a month, are thankful to Dr Lal Rehman and his team for having performed the surgery for free of cost.

Achar Manghrio said: “We were worried about the success of surgery as doctors told us that there is a lot of risk involved in the surgery.

“I was on fast and was constantly praying while sitting outside the operation theatre.

“We are happy that everything went well and are thankful to the doctors and the hospital administration for performing the surgery free.

“From test and medicines, everything was provided free of cost,” said Achar Manghiro.

In a small heartwarming video, Achar can be seen distributing sweets in the hospital ward.

Asiya’s young mum had sold her only gold bangle to arrange money for travelling 160 miles in a local bus along with her husband Achar Manghiro, 27, to get her daughter treated at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre in Karachi.


She said: “My in-laws branded me a curse after I gave birth to Asiya as she was born with a swollen nose. Within few months, her nose started growing bigger and bigger.

“Many relatives showed a very strange behaviour towards me. They even taunted and cursed me for giving birth to a defected baby.

“Due to lack of financial resources, I had to sell my only gold bangle in order to travel to Karachi and get my daughter admitted here.”

The parents are now eagerly waiting for the moment when they would be told that they can go back to their home now.

“I can’t express my happiness that my daughter has been treated for her condition which was for torturous not only for her but also for me as well.

“Now, we can happily go back to home,” Asiya’s mother added.