Animals Video

By Jamie Smith

This incredible footage seems to capture the amazing moment that Cinnamon the alpaca breathes FIRE.

The amazing optical illusion is actually caused by the cold Iowa air – it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit when the video was taken.

Aron Shultz who runs Rusty Stars Alpaca Farm, captured this mythical moment in the early morning.

The moment is so perfect that some believe the footage has been doctored, but Aron says it’s completely unedited.

He said: “The video shows one of our alpacas, name Cinnamon, blowing what appears to be fire.

“This video is my favorite capture, it was a unique moment that I happened to capture and people really respond well.  Some believe it’s a trick but its completely real, no edits.

“In the very cold -18F air, this alpacas warm steaming breath hits the early morning sunshine and illuminates in a way that makes it look like fire

“It was a moment that would have gone completely unnoticed if I didn’t have my phone to capture the video.

“It makes me realize that ordinary moments in my life can be extraordinary when shared with other people.”