Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen 

Urban explorers have filmed themselves creeping around the scene of the puppy farm murders.

The former puppy farm near Farnham, in Surrey, has stood empty since 82-year-old John Lowe was arrested for killing his former partner and her daughter.

Neil David Ansell

The creepy video gives a tour around the home where Christine Lee, 66, and her daughter Lucy Lee, 40, lived with John until he killed them with a shotgun in February 2014.

The weird tour shows the now bare, rubble-strewn rooms and kennels at John’s former home.

Although a couple of sofa and chairs still stand in the kitchen and conservatory, multiple windows have smashed and the rest of the fittings stripped.

The tragic site seems eerily still with its awful history still lingering over it.

Neil Ansell, from Weymouth in Dorset, visited the ‘emotional’ site after being tipped-off about it.

Neil David Ansell

Neil said: “I got a tip off that this place was abandoned and we were in the area so thought we would check it out.

“I didn’t know the story behind this place until I arrived and did a bit of research before we started filming.

“What makes this location so different is what happened in the house and the dark story behind it.

“The house felt very eerie and cold and my skin had goosebumps knowing what had happened in this place.

“It felt very emotional being inside the house.

Neil David Ansell

“We found a safe on the ground floor and what looked like salt around all the doorways.

“I wouldn’t go back alone unless it was necessary. I always believe you should go with someone else as these places can be dangers.

“But I feel like this place needs to be left alone out of respect.”

Neil runs the YouTube channel Abandoned Explorer.