This adorable baby bird has been caught sitting on its mum’s head to create its very own swan boat. 

Kevin Harper, 52, was visiting Rainham Marshes nature reserve, Essex, London, when he spotted the comical image.

The little cygnet is riding on its mother’s back as his mother is foraging for food.

Pic by Kevin Harper/Caters News

But the image appears as though the mother’s head is tiny as the baby rests in the perfect spot to create its own swan boat.

Kevin, a field service engineer, said: “Visiting this nature reserve is one of my regular haunts for wildlife pictures.

“The mother just happened to be foraging for food when I took the shot.

“Due to the comical nature of the scene, I felt the caption “right, how do you drive this thing?” fitted the image well.

“I feel it was pretty much just luck on the day, as with most great pictures.”