By Kristiana Hall

Check out this super-cool squirrel having a ride on his snowboard.

This cute red squirrel appears to bust some seriously impressive moves on a miniature snowboard on what looks like a snowy mountain top – but was in fact a block of ice in photographer Geert Weggen’s garden.

Geert Weggen / Caters News 

Geert, from Sweden, captured these hilarious images after spotting the cute animal searching for food outside of his home.

Geert, 49, said: “I spotted this particular squirrel in my back garden.

“It was a super cold day, so I was able to freeze the snowboard in to a position which looked like it was about to fly off a hill in to the air.

Geert Weggen / Caters News

“I hung up some sunflower seeds above the board, and just waited for the squirrels to climb up where I wanted them to.

Geert Weggen / Caters News

“Squirrels come to my garden daily looking in search of food that I put out, so I was quite hopeful that I’d be able to get the footage I wanted to – it’s always a joy when I capture the shot I want.

“I’ve been a photographer for five years, and love capturing wildlife in my garden, like foxes, birds, and of course, squirrels.”