Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

Watch as this adorable Corgi pooch wakes up his best friend in the morning for play time.

Carter the five month old pooch playfully digs at the bed where Jace, six, was sleeping.

The little boy giggles and squeals as the dog tries to reach him, and continues to hide himself under his duvet.

Jace’s mum Ashley Adams, from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA captured the adorable footage.

Ashely said: “Carter wakes up my son Jace most mornings for play time, as he’s always so excited to see his best buddy.

“Jace doesn’t mind being woken up by him though – he usually laughs and covers himself up some more so Carter can dig for longer!

“This usually carries on for a few minutes until Jace finally decides to get out of bed.

“As soon as Jace got out from under the covers, he ran as fast as he can to beat Carter in to the living room, so that the two could play some more!

“We’ve had Carter since he was eight weeks old, he hasn’t been a part of the family for long, but his bond with Jace is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

“He’s always so desperate to play with Jace – a lot of the time he literally puts himself in front of every single step Jace makes with a toy in his mouth, or will wrap himself around his leg, as if to say play with me!”